SAFENCE median & side barrier

Median barriers are installed in order to protect from oncoming traffic. A median barrier is designed to be hit from both directions. These systems may be installed in narrow medians as well as in wide medians, in centre line or offset towards either direction.

Side barriers are typically installed in carriageway or support strip depending on road design.

Most of our systems are available as three and four cable systems, designed and approved in accordance with European EN 1317 as well as American NCHRP 350 and MASH.

European EN 1317 designed median barriers are available in containment levels H2, H1 and N2 with a range of specific properties. American NCHRP 350 designed median barriers are available according to TL3 as well as TL4. American MASH median barrier is available in accordance with TL3.

check-square-o SAFENCE three or four cable 3,4RC-18 is available with MASH TL3 approval.

check-square-o SAFENCE three or four cable 3,4RC-06 is available with NCHRP 350 TL3 as well as TL4 approval.

CE certified median and side SAFENCE systems are available with the following declared performances in accordance to EN 1317:

check-square-o N2-A-W5 (3,4RCI-96)
check-square-o N2-A-W4 (3,4RCI-96)
check-square-o H1-A-W5 (4RCI-96)
check-square-o H2-A-W8 (4RCI-08)
check-square-o H2-A-W5 (BL-4-CI)
check-square-o L2/H2-A-W8 (3,4RC-17)

European EN 1317 designed barriers are generally available with both SAFENCE C and SAFENCE I profile posts. American based median barrier designs are however only available with SAFENCE C post profile. SAFENCE C and SAFENCE I profile posts are developed in order to match each others properties - they do however differ in a few profile dependent assembly pieces.



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