Cost aspects

Costs. In a modern society, cost is key and almost everything can be expressed in money as costs and benefits. In traffic safety there is on the one hand a budget to obey, on the other hand there are lives save. And benefits from every saved life. We believe it is important to create as much traffic safety value as possible over as much area as possible of the road network within the budget at hand.

The sheer amount of material utlised in a cable barrier as supposed to any other crash barrier technology cause cable barriers to cost less in procurement and cost less installed and finished. In general, choosing cable barriers will give you twice as long coverage as steel beam barriers and five times as long coverage than corresponding concrete barrier. This is why we say: SAFENCE - extends road safety.

Over a life-span of, say, 30 years a median cable barrier will cause the need of about four times as many repair actions as opposed to a corresponding steel beam barrier - in return a typical cable barrier repair action is easier, quicker and cost less than the steel beam barrier. With this knowledge, it is a fact that even on roads with a high density of vehicles cable barriers offer great cost reductions for the society compared to other options of barrier technologies.

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