High tension cables

A cable barrier typically consist of three or four high tension cables anchored into the ground at each end and carried by steel posts at every few metre depending on required performance.

Consider safety aspects when working on and adjacent to the road and to high tension cables. Utilise heavy vehicle protection as much as possible. Take precautions for both your own, and for other road user’s safety. SAFENCE cable barriers are deigned to allow for manual disassembly if needed. If required, cables can be cut in order to release tension from the system. Observe caution when steel ropes must be cut. Keep in mind that the wire system is tensioned and that a car that stands against the ropes increases the strain even further.

Any doubt concerning your own or someone else's safety should result in an immediate stop of ongoing work. The current operation should be carried out with a different, safe, method. Contact Blue Systems for advice and assistance.

SAFENCE cable barriers are tensioned according to a temperature dependant tensioning table. More on the function of cable barriers is available in the section ”How cable barriers work”.

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