Short on maintenance

file-pdf-o Click here to download quick maintenance and repair instructionsof appropriate procedures for service and maintenance of SAFENCE wire rope safety fence, as well as routines for redirecting of traffic, or when SAFENCE for other reasons must be disassembled, and procedures in the event of an accident, or when SAFENCE cable barrier for other reasons must be repaired.

Consider safety aspects when working on and adjacent to the road and to high tension cables. Any doubt concerning your own or someone else's safety should result in an immediate stop of ongoing work. The current operation should be carried out with a different, safe, method. Contact Blue Systems for advice and assistance.

System specific reinstallation

SAFENCE wire rope safety fence is available in a wide range of systems including systems specific assembly details. Number of cables, post profile, post footing, smaller assembly details and cable tension all depend on the specific SAFENCE system. Always consult SRB construction drawing and do not hesitate to contact Blue Systems if questions arise.

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